Ecommerce Web Design with WordPress and WooCommerce

Nov 10, 2023
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How can you design a complete online store without incurring costs? With WordPress and WooCommerce, you can design your own website quickly and easily in just 5 simple steps. Let's explore how to design a free online store with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Guide to Creating a Free ecommerce Website with WordPress and WooCommerce
Guide to Creating a Free ecommerce Website with WordPress and WooCommerce

1. How to Design a Simple Ecommerce Website

To design an ecommerce website using WordPress and WooCommerce, you will need to follow 5 steps, including: Setting up hosting and a domain - Installing WordPress - Activating WooCommerce - Uploading products - Configuring the interface. Here is a guide to designing a free ecommerce website quickly:

guide to designing a free ecommerce website quickly

Step 1: Set up hosting and a domain for Ecommerce Website

Setting up hosting and a domain (domain name) are two important tasks to start with when designing an ecommerce website . Hosting can be understood as an intermediary that helps store your data, and when customers need it or perform searches, the hosting will provide it. A domain name is a shortened version of your website's address, which you can design to have a unique and simple address for your website 

Step 2: Wordpress Web Design Installation

WordPress is a system written in PHP that uses a MySQL database and is designed for publishing blogs. To install WordPress, adhere to these steps:

  • Access your hosting control panel.
  • Go to the Auto Installer section.
  • In the search bar, type WordPress.
  • The latest version of WordPress will appear. Click on it.
  • Fill in the necessary information.
  • Click the Install button to complete the installation.

The required information includes:

- WordPress website URL.

- Language selection.

- Administrator username for the dashboard.

- Administrator password.

- Administrator email address.

- Website title.

- Website tagline (slogan).

Step 3: Activate WooCommerce

Once you have successfully designed your ecommerce website , activate the WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce is an open-source ecommerce plugin designed for WordPress and can be used for websites of various sizes, from small to large.

Creating an Ecommerce Website with the WooCommerce Plugin

Creating an  Ecommerce Website with the WooCommerce Plugin

Activate WooCommerce by customizing various settings such as page setup, store location, shipping & tax, and payment. Specifically:

  • Page Setup: Creating the main pages for your online store for WooCommerce to operate.
  • Store Location: In this section, you need to input relevant information like location, weight, currency, dimensions, etc.
  • Shipping & Tax: Choose the shipping methods, delivery options, and tax settings.
  • Payment: Here, you will select payment methods for your business operations (COD, credit card, online payment apps, etc.)

Step 4: Uploading Products on your ecommerce Website

After completing step 3, you'll proceed to upload the products you want to sell on your website. First, choose Add product or Design your first product, then select the product attributes:

- Product Category: The category to which your products belong.

- Attributes: These attributes include features like color, size, and material, making it easy for users to search and select your products.

- Product Types: Different product lines or product options. Some common types include virtual, simple, variable, grouped, etc.

Step 5: Design the Interface

Configuring the interface is the final and crucial step in creating ecommerce websites. To set up the interface, you can use the default settings in WooCommerce and select a custom theme in WordPress. Alternatively, you can also utilize WooCommerce's special themes, which offer an attractive overall design, potentially attracting more customer interest.

2. Reasons to use WordPress and WooCommerce to start your Ecommerce business

In today’s technological era, the use of free ecommerce website design is highly popular due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness. WordPress and WooCommerce are two globally renowned platforms for creating ecommerce websites . Let's go over the reasons why these platforms are so favored!

First and foremost, it's important to mention the convenience that both of these platforms offer. They are open-source, making it easy to customize the design and highly customizable, with a wide range of features. This makes the process of creating your own ecommerce website simpler than ever.

Plugins play a crucial role in building the brand for WordPress. With a rich selection of free-to-use plugins, you can easily enhance the strength of your ecommerce website . Some famous plugins like Rank Math and Yoast can optimize your website's performance, boost SEO, and improve your website's ranking on Google search results. Furthermore, these tools assist in generating XML Sitemaps, a task that would be time-consuming to code manually. Building an ecommerce website on this platform allows you to handle almost everything without needing to write any code.

These two platforms have an incredibly large user community, estimated to represent more than 33% of the total number of websites on the internet. Consequently, a large number of people are using them. If you're struggling to find errors or don't know how to design an ecommerce website , just refer to various forums, fanpages, YouTube channels, and you will find plenty of guidance on creating a complete ecommerce website for yourself.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to choose the server you want to host your website, making it easy to install. When embarking the task of creating an ecommerce website and still not proficient in how to design an online store, then WordPress and WooCommerce are two excellent choices. With these two applications, the process of creating an ecommerce website should become much simpler and faster.

3. Some popular ecommerce website building software

Some popular ecommerce website building software

In addition to WordPress and WooCommerce, other popular  ecommerce website building software includes Google Sites, Wix, Duda, Shopify, Silex, etc.

Google Sites

Google Sites is a tool provided by Google that allows users to design ecommerce websites easily. The advantages of this tool include good SEO capabilities, large storage space, 100MB of free storage for each user, a limit of 100GB + 500MB for attaching files in a company, and more.

With Google Sites, users do not need to have technical expertise or coding knowledge to design an effective website. Additionally, users can share information like calendars, documents, videos, etc., for viewing or editing.


Wix is a software platform that enables users to design ecommerce websites through drag-and-drop operations. The integrated design features and website-building tools in Wix make it easy to design diverse and creative websites that attract visitors. Editing is also convenient, and it supports the use of HTML5, one of the most popular programming languages today.


With Duda, users will have access to a repository of template websites to choose from. Duda has the capability to intelligently integrate with direct payment gateways, third-party software like OpenTable, Disqus, PayPal, and more. Additionally, users can enhance their interactions with visitors through special tools that activate personalized operations on the web.


Shopify is an exclusive ecommerce platform for online stores and retail outlets. It's a free ecommerce website creation tool suitable for a variety of small and large companies, offering a wide selection of templates for easy customization.


Silex is a platform for creating ecommerce websites using open-source code and is entirely free. Any changes made are immediately visible on the web. With its user-friendly interface, numerous templates, easy customization, full SEO and digital marketing features, Silex has become one of the popular website-building software options today. However, it's important to note that when using Silex, this software does not host your website.

That's all about how to create Ecommerce websites using WordPress, WooCommerce and other free website creation software. Creating a website with free software offers convenience and cost savings in website design . However, a website designed by a professional design team will bring specific benefits, enhancing the quality and credibility of your business.If you seek advice or aspire to have a professional e-commerce website, please reach out to CanhCam. With a creative, dynamic, and highly skilled team, we guarantee to be your trustworthy partner.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the Contact Us page for prompt consultations.

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