9 Important Points for Designing Your Website

Dec 27, 2023
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Content of the post

In today's digital age, websites are a top choice for businesses to advertise their brand and products. To ensure a great user experience and boost sales, businesses should consider the following 9 key points when designing their website!

website design
What is needed in website design? Considerations when designing a website.


Clearly state your website's purpose:

Define whether your website is for brand promotion, sharing news, or selling products. Knowing your goal helps in creating content, designing the layout, and planning the website's future. Identify your target audience for better design ideas.

Emphasize your brand:

Building a strong brand on your website builds trust with customers. Display your logo and slogan prominently, make sure your domain name matches your logo, and use colors that align with your brand's identity.

Design for customer trust:

Apart from an impressive design, ensure accurate and complete information on your website to build trust. Include basic business information and present products/services with clear descriptions and unique selling points.

website design
Considerations for user-friendly website design.


Combine UI-UX:

User Interface (UI) includes what users see, while User Experience (UX) is how users feel when using the website. A good website is both visually appealing and user-friendly, encouraging users to stay longer and understand your business better.

Mobile-friendly design:

Considering the increasing trend of mobile users, ensure your website looks good on both desktops and mobile devices.

Optimize for search engines:

Design your website with SEO in mind to improve its ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. Consider factors like Meta Title, URL, and Meta Description for effective SEO.

website design
Considerations when designing a mobile-friendly website.


Key design elements:

Main colors:

Choose colors that match your brand identity. For instance, green for organic products and blue-gray for tech-related websites.

Fonts and spacing:

Select fonts based on your website's theme and ensure proper spacing for readability.

Design style:

Adapt your design style based on your brand and target audience, considering elements like rounded corners or drop shadows.

Page loading speed:

Faster-loading pages contribute to a better user experience and higher SEO rankings.

Choose a professional web design company:

Selecting a reputable web design company is crucial for a beautiful and professional website. Consider factors like their previous projects, support services, expected project completion time, benefits for your business, warranty, maintenance, post-support, and pricing.

CanhCam offers professional web design services, creating unique designs and providing support for marketing content, web strategies, and branding, ultimately leading to higher revenue for customers.

website design
Considerations when designing a website using the main colors.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Considerations when designing a business website

1. Clearly define the purpose of design.
2. Focus on the brand.
3. Build trust with customers through website design.
4. Combine UX-UI.
5. Display well on mobile interfaces.
6. Optimize for search engines.
7. Page loading speed.
8. Choose a reputable and professional web design company.

Identify essential criteria in the website design process

1. Main colors.
2. Fonts and spacing.
3. About design style.

Do you need to consider page loading speed when designing a website?

Page loading speed is related to the user's experience on the website. It is also a factor to assess whether the website complies with SEO standards. The faster a website's pages load, the higher it is rated.

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