SEO Standards: Definition and Key Considerations for Designing an SEO Standard Website

Nov 14, 2023
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Content of the post

Today, in the technological era, websites are becoming increasingly popular to meet the needs of promoting products and business information to customers. One of the top criteria when it comes to web design is " SEO standard." So, what does it actually mean to design an SEO-standards website?

What defines an SEO standard website?
What defines an SEO standard website?


What are SEO-standards for website?

SEO standards, are established guidelines for optimizing websites to enhance visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract organic traffic.

The main goal of SEO is to improve a website's ranking on SERPs, and an SEO-standard website is designed with features that facilitate easy data collection by search engines.

In simpler terms, SEO involves analyzing search engine protocols and managing the relationship between a business and search environments for improved website performance in search results.

SEO - an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization
SEO - an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization

Benefits of an SEO Standard Website

Designing a website with SEO standards brings numerous benefits to businesses.

A website optimized for SEO makes the products offered by the business stand out compared to others, attracting customers more effectively.

When customers search for related keywords, SEO-standard websites often appear at higher rankings, making it easy to reach potential customers.

SEO-friendly web design must ensure factors related to web code, interface layout, etc., significantly reducing technical errors during website usage.

A company specializing in SEO-friendly website design produces a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate and search for relevant product information, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction with the web experience.

SEO-standard website design helps minimize other marketing expenses. A professional and user-friendly website increases customer attention, reducing the need for advertising on other public media and saving business costs.


Checklist for an SEO-standard website based on Google's algorithm

SEO-friendly website checklist you should know
SEO-friendly website checklist you should know


Creating an SEO checklist is crucial to review the steps for establishing standard SEO procedures, ensuring the effectiveness of websites. While additional steps may arise during the checklist process, the basic satisfaction of these 9 steps is essential:

Unique Titles and Descriptions 

An SEO-friendly website must first maintain consistency in titles with relevant descriptions on the same topic. Titles for each section should range from 60 to 65 characters. 

Meta Descriptions play a crucial role when web information is displayed on Google, typically with around 140 characters to ensure a comprehensive introduction without losing information.

It's also important to note that Titles and Meta Descriptions should be concise, focused, and avoid keyword stuffing intentionally.

Clear URLs 

Permanent links (URLs) must be entirely lowercase and clearly separated by hyphens, without adding special characters. Additionally, supplementary optimization techniques can be used to boost web traffic.

Fast Page Loading Speed 

SEO-friendly websites bring fast site loading speed.
SEO-friendly websites bring fast site loading speed.


After designing an SEO-friendly website, checking the page loading speed is crucial. This step reflects the visual efficiency of the website because both users and search engines easily interact with fast-loading websites.

Fast loading speeds increase customer satisfaction, enhance user interaction, and ultimately contribute to increased sales. This leads to websites appearing higher in search engine results when keywords are entered.

Unique Content 

An SEO-standard website must contain content that is as useful and unique as possible. Information exclusive to the business's website attracts stronger user interactions compared to websites with similar content.

Attracting more viewers due to valuable and non-duplicated content, the business's website will progressively grow and appear at top positions when using search tools.

Image Optimization 

SEO-standard website design also pays attention to visual elements. This is a crucial factor for an effective SEO website. Too much text can reduce visitor interest, resulting in a poor user experience.

You can use tools like to resize images without compromising their quality. In many cases, adding the brand logo to images can serve as a reminder of the product.

Scientific and Consistent Layout 

An SEO-standard web design produces a website with a consistent layout, where content is clearly separated and easy to read and understand. This is a crucial criterion for evaluating the professionalism of an SEO website.

During implementation, more detailed content can be divided into smaller sections, but fundamentally, the layout of an SEO-standard website includes:

  • Header
  • Breadcrumb Menu
  • Page Title: each page has only one title
  • Text divided into short paragraphs with subheadings
  • Author information
  • Footer

When creating content for SEO-standard websites, attention should be given to seamlessly incorporating keywords, avoiding forced or awkward usage.

Create XML Sitemap and Use Robots.txt File 

An XML Sitemap can be defined as a tool to help Google understand the structure of the website. When transferring more data through Google, you can also identify which pages are more valuable to prioritize over others.

When using it, if there are pages you don't want Google to index, you can use the Robots.txt file. This file informs Google and bots about which pages do not need to be indexed.

Web Design Ensures UX/UI for Users 

UX is User Experience, and UI is User Interface. These are two crucial factors in web design that determine the effectiveness of a website.

UX relates to users' perception of the product, while UI is about interface design elements such as buttons, share icons, navigation buttons, etc.

Both UI and UX are essential in SEO-standard web design because they directly involve users. Ultimately, the effectiveness of a website is most directly evaluated through user interaction with the website.

Ensuring appropriate UI/UX means ensuring the best user experience, promoting increased product revenue on websites, and expanding the business's reputation.

Check Orphan Pages 

During the information collection through links for website crawling, it's necessary to check if all pages are properly integrated into the website structure.

OnCrawl’s Crossed Analysis studies all web SEO factors using Semantic Crawler and efficiently detects duplicate content.

Designing an SEO-standard website is not a simple task, so it's advisable to delegate this challenging task to a professional web design company like CanhCam to ensure optimal results for your website.

SEO-standard website design plays a vital role in the overall effectiveness of the website. Meeting technical requirements, the foundational criteria for an SEO-standard website are not easy to achieve.

Therefore, individuals or organizations in need of SEO-standard web design services can consider choosing CanhCam. This reputable and professional company, with its experienced programming and design team, will assist you in designing an SEO-standard website for optimal effectiveness.


Wrap up

Websites are essential for business promotion. "SEO standard" is key for effective web design, optimizing sites for better search engine visibility.

This involves strategic keywords, quality content, mobile responsiveness, and a user-friendly interface. 

Adhering to SEO standards boosts search engine rankings, attracting more organic traffic. Businesses must prioritize SEO for a robust online presence, ensuring easy discovery by potential customers in the competitive digital landscape.

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