BOPIS Ecommerce: What is BOPIS in Retail & How it Work?

Apr 08, 2024
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In a constantly evolving ecommerce world marketers are coming up with novel tactics to regularly keep up with the attitudes and desires of the consumers. Another strategy that has led discussions, especially in ecommerce, is BOPIS.

Visualize a shopping experience in which you can surf the net as well as choose and buy products; on the other hand, you will not have to bother about shipping.

It's possible now: BOPIS - buy online, pickup in a store. Those retailers that adopt the combined model of BOPIS must realize that their business and customers' benefits depend on learning and using this form of shopping.

BOPIS combines the best of both online and in-store shopping, offering the convenience and instant satisfaction consumers crave. Therefore, it is not surprising that it has already started being widely adopted by online merchants.

Time-saving, low shipping costs, or even a combination of both is all it takes to appreciate the benefits. With CanhCam, we will see more details on BOPIS. Hopefully, you will be aware of how it benefits you in the realm of BOPIS ecommerce.


What is BOPIS in Ecommerce?

BOPIS (Buy online to Pick up In-store), in other words, stands for buying online and picking up the order at the store. It's an e-fulfillment concept that permits customers to purchase products online and then pick them up from a physical store location.

This effortless orchestration of digital shopping and traditional pickup for the sake of customers gives them the option to look through products on the internet with the option of picking them up from the store.

BOPIS is a fantastic strategy for ecommerce that combines the best features of online shopping and retail stores to make the process of shopping more comfortable for everybody.

bopis ecommerce
Benefits Customers: Saves on delivery time and allows for product inspection before purchase.


How Does BOPIS Work?

Implementing a BOPIS strategy is relatively straightforward. If you have an ecommerce platform as well as a physical retail store all you have to do a add an extra delivery stage such as buy online pick up In-store and make sure that your store can efficiently process these orders and offer a super BOPIS experience.

Implementing BOPIS as part of your retail strategy will result in many advantages. Primarily, it helps sales and conversion rates by attracting customers who favor online shopping as well as prompt gratification.

The retailers that adopted BOPIS reported a significant increase in sales, with conversion rates climbing by an average of 30% compared to their online-only channels.

In addition, BOPIS improves customer satisfaction and loyalty by giving a smooth and easy shopping experience, prioritizing convenience and flexibility.


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Benefits and Challenges of BOPIS

Like any strategic approach in the business world, BOPIS comes with a range of benefits and challenges.

1. Benefits of BOPIS for Ecommerce Businesses:

Increased Convenience and Customer Satisfaction:

BOPIS allows customers to browse online and pick up the products from the stores - a combination that provides a shopper with a convenient and flexible service. A current study provides that the retailers that adopt BOPIS, experience a marked rise in sales, with conversion rates escalating by an average of 30% compared to online-only shops.

Theft-proof Package Security:

BOPIS works to reduce the hazards associated with packages for online purchases since they can be picked up immediately from the store. This is a constant worry for many online shoppers. This feature gives another security level for product buying.

Reduced Shipping Costs, Delivery Times, and Cart Abandonment:

With BOPIS, the cost of shipping to your customer is eliminated and this can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction. It does it at the same time as it lowers the cart abandonment rate via the customers' elimination of shipping charges - one of the major cart abandonment causes.

Faster Service:

Contrary to the growing mode of options for quick delivery, BOPIS provides an equally fast and convenient move that no shipping companies can beat. Customers are always trying to receive their orders as fast as possible, thus the option to just come and pick up your products at the pick-up point within minutes is a significant benefit. BOPIS also avoids the issue of missed/rescheduled deliveries and provides the assurance and security that packages will not be damaged/stolen during shipping.

bopis ecommerce
Boosts Sales: Encourages impulse purchases and drives foot traffic to stores.


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2. Challenges of BOPIS

  • Setup and Maintenance Costs: Integrating online and physical store systems, staff training, and business workflows requires a considerable capital investment at the beginning.
  • Staff Training and Resource Allocation: Applying BOPIS successfully demands having a skilled workforce and efficient allocation of resources to handle online orders and in-store pickups properly.
  • Customer Experience: During pick-up, certainty and quality of service are crucial. Every incident of such fault or misbehavior that decreases the level of customer satisfaction and their timely association with the brand can be considered a negative factor.
  • Security Concerns: Cybersecurity should ensure the data confidentiality of consumers and online transactions of the retailers. As well, it's mandatory to identify BOPIS customers to prevent disruption or theft.
  • Communication and Returns: A timely update on the order status and readiness for the collection is very crucial. Similarly, well-designed and flexible procedures for returns and exchanges should be in place too.


Step-by-step Guide on How to Add BOPIS to Your Store

Implementing BOPIS into your ecommerce store requires a systematic approach. Let's explore the steps you can take to effectively deploy this strategy.

Step 1: Understand Customer Behavior

The main point of an effective BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store) strategy is the capability to recognize and meet the needs and expectations of customers. It gives a clear picture of why the customers abandon BOPIS service in favor of alternative methods and sorting out their discomfort.

This knowledge can be obtained through data analytics and through the survey of clients thereby, helping to bring to light the purchasing habits and the preferences of the clients. Moreover, breaking down the potential customer segments purely interested in BOPIS will likely bring you great results.

On the other hand, equipped with this information, businesses can develop specific BOPIS services to address the different needs of the customers, thus the customer acceptance and satisfaction of customers will be increased.

Step 2: Optimize Inventory Control

Proper management of inventories always plays an important role in a smooth BOPIS operation. The system to be put in place needs to be able to cope with both the online and in-store orders smoothly. A tool for real-time inventory tracking should be fully integrated to avoid both out-of-stock and excess stock.

Implementing online and in-store stock tracking systems helps in maintaining inventory control as well as synchronization by ensuring that information online and actual inventory status match exactly.

At the same time, it helps to steer clear of possible customer dissatisfaction and loss of profits. Analyzing the demand and proper management of inventory will guarantee the presence of the best-selling items to the BOPIS customers.

Using predictive analytics tools equipped with the latest technology can also lead to improved accuracy of the inventory prognosis and its management.

bopis ecommerce
Convenience & Saves Money: Faster than delivery and avoids shipping costs.


Step 3: Leverage Technology for Smooth Operations

Leveraging technology can significantly streamline BOPIS operations. This involves choosing the right ecommerce platform with BOPIS capability and integrating order processing, inventory management, notification management, and synchronization between online and offline inventory.

An efficient order management system is the primary need for the prompt processing of BOPIS orders from online placement up to in-store pickup. With mobile apps and notifications, customers can get information about their orders like their status and pickup details, thus improving their experience.

Step 4: Simplify In-store Pickup Procedures

Establish specific pickup locations within the physical store for customers to collect their orders. Designating a dedicated BOPIS pickup area in the store, easily accessible and marked, helps minimize customer confusion. Training staff on handling BOPIS orders effectively ensures they are equipped to provide excellent customer service.

Maintaining communications with customers through the BOPIS process from confirmation of orders to pickup notification is an indispensable activity. Having email and SMS notifications updates on order status and pickup instructions increases transparency.

Step 5: Improve Customer Experience

The ultimate objective is to boost the customer experience. Both incentives and promotions can boost customers’ interest in trying and appreciating the services of BOPIS. 

By using personalized recommendations and offers based on previous purchases or online browsing history, customers can be induced to visit the pickup location.

Feedback from customers basis and keep improving and polishing the BOPIS process as it is essential. Progressive optimization empowers organizations to respond to changing customer requirements and command the market with their BOPIS strategy.



While technology grows every day and consumers’ wants and needs become more complex, BOPIS’ future looks even better than today. Through the blending of the realms of physical and digital, BOPIS is fashioning a multi-channel shopping experience that is both time-saving and, at the same time, personalized.

BOPIS constitutes a completely new change in the retailing panorama, supplying a lot of advantages for both retailers and consumers. With the help of this newly emerging shopping style, businesses will be able to keep in front of trends and respond to the ever-growing demands of today's consumers.

Whether you are a shop owner seeking to leverage your productivity or a consumer looking for convenience, BOPIS provides the lock that breaks the door of the ecommerce world.

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