KFC Recruitment

 A recruitment platform for KFC Vietnam to hire candidates for their restaurants across the countries.

KFC is renowned as an American fast-food chain that delivers fried chicken. In 1997, KFC opened its first restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Currently, KFC Vietnam boasts over 172 restaurants spanning 39 major provinces and cities, providing employment to over 4,000 staff. 
Responding to the need to expand the fast-food chain in Vietnam, KFC Vietnam required a website to streamline and optimize the recruitment process. That's why KFC Vietnam joined hands with CanhCam to build an awesome recruitment platform. 

Our Approach

We designed a modern and professional website for KFC Recruitment Vietnam. This site serves as a gateway for KFC Recruitment to tell its brand story while attracting potential candidates across Vietnam. To tell the brand story through web design, we carefully pay attention to color schemes and images, ensuring alignment with the content and brand. We used red - the main color for the site based on the logo and combined with the white background. 

In essence, this website is used to recruit talent for KFC Vietnam. To achieve this, it was integrated with an array of features such as a call to action, live support, seamless integration with the internal recruitment system (CRM).

Key Features

  • Websites are responsive across smartphones and tablets to desktops, creating a seamless user experience. 
  • The recruitment process is handled centrally on one platform.
  • Automatic notifications are sent and received regarding interview schedules, results, and information related to each stage of the job application process. 
  • The admin page is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, helping administrators manage recruitment information effectively.
  • A flexible reporting system has been integrated, enabling KFC Vietnam to monitor recruitment performance through charts and statistics. 
  • Integrated a flexible reporting system so KFC Vietnam can track recruitment performance with charts and statistics.


As we mentioned before, one of the main purposes of this website is to tell the brand story. That’s why we designed a modern website for KFC Recruitment Vietnam, taking into account the brand theme, colors, and fonts. Needless to say, we combined red (the main color) and white when designing the platform. As you may know, red conveys warmth, passion, and hospitality.  

The website provides detailed information about KFC Vietnam, including the company's history, core values, mission - vision, history of establishment, etc. In addition, the platform also features a photo gallery covering various activities organized by KFC Vietnam for its employees, vividly reflecting the brand’s spirit and corporate culture. 


On the website, users can effortlessly navigate through the leveled menu to find the information needed. In addition, the website also lists available vacancies, including detailed job descriptions, requirements and benefits of each position. Through detailed filters, applicants can easily and quickly find a position that suits them. 

The website also offers an online job application form, allowing users to submit applications directly on the web through a CTA button. Through this recruitment site, candidates can update application status, and confirm interview schedules and interview results efficiently. 

The Result

Ultimately, we crafted a recruitment website with a visually appealing design and an array of features. The website has assisted KFC Vietnam in posting job announcements for vacancies at KFC Vietnam's outlets, allowing candidates to apply directly on this website instead of any other job site. The process is time-saving, allowing candidates to apply and track the application process on the platform. Since its launch, it has enabled KFC Vietnam to employ thousands of candidates quickly and effectively, meeting the ever-growing demand for human resources. We are thrilled that KFC Vietnam has voiced its contentment with the website we built.

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