How to Design a Construction Website?

May 28, 2024
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Effective construction website design is vital for businesses in this industry. CanhCam offers insights into the importance of web design, providing reasons to help you grasp its significance. Discover how to elevate your website's appearance professionally, along with essential preparation steps and the latest design trends favoured by many.

construction website design
Construction web design plays an important role in the promotion strategy of businesses operating in this field.


The Reasons to Design a Construction Website

Discover the pivotal reasons for designing your construction website:

Seeking More Customers

In tandem with the strong development of the 4.0 technology era, customers tend to search for products and services through websites to save time and access services quickly.

Similarly, for businesses operating in the construction industry to attract more customer demographics, designing a comprehensive construction website is crucial. It helps increase the ability to find customers and supports more efficient business operations.

Enhance Company Brand

construction website design
Websites can increase brand recognition for a company.


Designing a construction website with a professional, user-friendly interface not only helps create a positive impression for the business but also increases the trust level of customers when seeking the company's services.

As a result, the company's brand will be more widely recognized and become a reputable entity that customers turn to first when they have service needs.

Expand Business Premises

Another reason why you should design a construction website, or real estate website for your business is to expand your business horizon. To expand the business, you need to acquire more projects and build a high level of trust with customers.

To achieve this, a professionally designed website will create a very positive image in the eyes of investors, making them have more confidence in the position and reputation of the business. They are more likely to seek out the construction services promoted on the company's website.

Seeking More Customer Inquiries

Virtual reality technology and 360-degree models help optimize customer experience.

Not only does designing a construction website matter, but designing a restaurant website also requires visual elements such as images and videos to provide customers with a clear understanding of the services offered. Advanced technologies like virtual reality and 360-degree models create an experience almost indistinguishable from real life, assisting customers in selecting services that truly match their needs.


Key Construction Website Features

When designing a construction website, it's important to consider features that enable effective website functionality, providing a positive user experience. Each company may have unique needs and preferences, but basic features include:

Website Home Page

  • Company name: usually placed at the highest position.
  • Search bar: helps customers find the information they need as quickly as possible, helping increase conversions.
  • Logo: placed at a high position on the homepage, impressive design, easy to remember.
  • Images - videos: images of companies, businesses, leaders, employees, completed construction projects,... to convey messages and attract customers' attention.
  • Contact information: address, phone number, email, fax, information registration form.
construction website design
The home page plays an important role in a construction website.


Introduction Page

  • Describe the website of the business, company, or construction unit. Page content includes:
  • Established history
  • Goals, mission, and messages from leadership
  • Organizational structure, staff, management, and leadership
  • Competency profile and professional qualifications
  • Achievements are
  • Subsidiaries, branches, and members

Field of Activity Page

  • Let customers know what services your business offers, for example:
  • Producing and supplying all kinds of construction materials
  • Design and execute construction projects
  • Construction investment

Project Page

Let customers know the projects your company has been implementing, helping them easily make decisions about whether to choose you as their construction partner.
Should fully list and present the most typical projects so that customers can have an objective assessment.
Provide detailed and clear information and images to more easily convince customers.

News Page

Some news you can post on the website is:

  • Project and construction news
  • Company activities - events
  • News about the market and construction industry
  • Recruitment
construction website design
News pages provide additional necessary information to readers.


Images - Videos

Construction website design needs to have a list of the most realistic images and videos about the company, activities, events, or images of projects that have been and are being constructed. This is the best way to attract your partner's attention.

Contact Page

  • Full name of the company, enterprise, unit, or construction group
  • Address
  • Phone number, fax
  • Email
  • Google directions
  • Information registration form



The homepage of a construction website should display all relevant information that readers find interesting. The homepage content needs to be impressively designed and logically organized to attract customers.

Your website should meet the following criteria:

  • Impressive, attractive design.
  • Includes links to categories and detailed articles.
  • Displays comprehensive information about the business's key highlights.
  • Information is arranged in a logical order that aligns with the reader's thought process.
construction website design
The homepage needs to be impressively designed and fully featured.


Brief Introduction of the Company

This content serves customers who want to learn more about the company. The information should be concise, highlighting important content. This section should also include images and notable achievements of the company

Highlighted Completed Project

The space on the website may not be sufficient to display all projects. Therefore, choose the most outstanding projects to showcase the company's expertise, capabilities, and potential

Images and Videos 

This is an efficient way to provide quick information for viewers. Share images and videos of the projects the company has completed. You can hire media companies to create promotional videos

News & Events

This is a source of information that attracts many website visitors through search engines

Partners and Customers

A reputable company will have prominent customers. Therefore, mention the customers with whom the company has collaborated or is currently working at the end of the homepage

Color Scheme 

Colour plays a role in creating a certain attraction for customers. In addition to choosing traditional colours like earthy brown, yellow, and green, you can be creative by selecting other colour schemes

  • Yellow: brings positive energy, joy, optimism, and happiness. Colour gamut with high luminosity, and strong attraction.
  • Red: outstanding colour, brings excitement, conveys a message of passion and strength.
  • Earth brown: colour that easily combines with green, blue, red, etc. and is related to land excavation activities.
  • Green: conveys a message about the environment, easy to combine with black and white, grey, etc.
  • Blue: represents high trust, often used when designing construction websites
  • Pink/orange: Usable when your construction company makes houses that are small, trendy, and aimed at young people.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the current trends in construction web design?

Some current trends in construction web design include

  • Minimalistic and clean layouts
  • Presence of high-definition images and videos.
  • Incorporating 3D visuals or virtual tours into the projects for example.
  • Sustainability and eco-design highlights.
  • Interactive elements such as project timelines or cost estimates are also available.

2. Why is web design for construction important?

The modern construction website design is a powerful tool that allows businesses to create their online image, attract clients, and narrate inspiring success stories. An effective website design will help enhance trust factor, generate a solid lead base, and reinforce brand awareness.



In essence, construction website design is a critical factor for industry businesses. CanhCam underscores the importance of effective web design, providing insights into preparation steps and current trends. A well-crafted website isn't just a virtual showcase; it's a crucial tool for attracting and engaging clients.

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