Logistics website design: The best essential features of a logistics website

Dec 25, 2023
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To develop the transportation services business, companies need to design a professional logistics website. CanhCam website design services provide optimal design solutions, high security, and a well-thought-out content strategy, helping businesses effectively develop their brand.

Logistics website design
The transportation industry requires a professionally designed website to support business activities.


Benefits of designing a logistics website

Enhancing Credibility with Customers: Logistics is a transport sector where customer trust is paramount. Therefore, designing a logistics website that provides comprehensive information about your business helps boost credibility with your partners

Effective Brand Promotion: A website serves as a simple tool for promoting the image and brand of your business to partners and customers. A professional website is not limited by space or time, and it can introduce and promote everything 24/7

logistics website design
A logistics website helps promote your brand and introduce services to customers


Introducing All Services: The website is a place to provide comprehensive, clear, and detailed information about the services you offer. You can use written content along with images and videos to present your services most authentically, helping customers quickly grasp the information.

Attracting Potential Customers: A logistics website supports the search for potential customers and expands the market, helping businesses grow.

Important Business Tool: The website serves as a vital tool for your business, showcasing all information about services, shipment tracking, etc.

Cost Savings: It can save costs compared to traditional advertising solutions

Enhancing Healthy Competition: It boosts healthy competition against market competitors

Standard structure of a logistics website

When designing a logistics website, it's important to ensure the website includes the following basic components:

  • Home Page: Overview of the company, services, and the company's competitive advantages. It should also feature industry news, customer reviews, and partner logos
  • About Us: Detailed information about the company (history, vision, mission), capability profiles, team members, and prominent partners
  • Services: The services section can be divided into a main page and subpages. The main page provides a general introduction to the services offered, while the subpages offer detailed descriptions of specific services, often with vivid illustrations through images. In the field of logistics, services may include transportation, cargo inspection, storage, labeling, distribution, customs procedures, and more
  • News: This section provides internal information, industry news, and articles that share advisory information, which is beneficial for SEO
  • Contact: The contact section offers complete contact details, including addresses, emails, hotlines, and fax numbers for the main headquarters, branches, and transaction offices. It may also include maps and contact forms to enhance credibility
  • Other Pages: Additional pages can be designed based on the business's needs, including login, registration, recruitment, shareholder information, and company regulations

When presenting content on a logistics website, it's essential to be concise and informative. Given the international nature of the logistics industry, it's important to offer the website in multiple languages, including Vietnamese, English, Chinese, and other common languages.

logistics website design
The structure of a website typically includes several important sections such as the homepage, about us, services, and more

Additionally, when aiming for professional operations, businesses can consider adding features like:

  • Tracking: This feature allows users to check shipment schedules and track their cargo in transit. It can provide accounts for shippers to monitor the status of their goods, making it particularly suitable for courier companies, air cargo transport, shipping companies, and international freight forwarding
  • Voyage Schedule: This feature is for businesses operating in passenger transport. Keeping the schedule of various voyages up to date helps customers easily book tickets and find information when needed
  • LCL Container Loading Schedule: This is for customers with small shipments who want to view schedules to consolidate their cargo with other shipments on the same transportation route

In the logistics industry, there are specific terminology, directories, and document management systems that are crucial for better serving customers and differentiating a business from its competitors

logistics website design
A logistics website supports the search for potential customers.


Professional and reliable logistic website design services at CanhCam

For your logistics website design needs, you can consider professional web design services at CanhCam. Their experienced team of IT and technical experts with in-depth knowledge of the transportation industry can provide the most suitable and optimized web design solutions for your business.

The experienced team at CanhCam ensures the development of a website with a beautiful interface, optimal structure, intelligent features, and SEO compliance, making it easy to find on the Internet.

CanhCam offers professional web design services with a strong focus on security and content optimization. By choosing CanhCam's website design services, you can have full confidence in the security of customer information and business data, ensuring that they remain confidential and protected.

In addition to building an optimized website with a user-friendly interface, CanhCam places great emphasis on arranging content in a way that highlights your business's strengths and advantages for effective communication and promotion.

Moreover, CanhCam provides a comprehensive content strategy that delivers impressive content for your logistics services, setting you apart from competitors and building a sustainable competitive advantage.


The professional logistics website design process at CanhCam

Step 1: Consultation and Analysis of Customer Needs

CanhCam's consulting team meets with customers to discuss their website design requirements and objectives. They gather essential information about your business, including products, services, and logos.

CanhCam's consulting team will provide suitable web design solutions based on the information they gather. They will recommend the layout, website interface, and functions that align with your business needs and those of your future customers.

Step 2: Design Interface Layout

Once you and CanhCam have agreed on the interface, structure, content, and functions of the website, the design team will start creating detailed interface layouts (demo) for the homepage and other required pages. The interface demo is presented in the form of images, giving you a comprehensive overview of the website's design. This step ensures that the website aligns with your brand and requirements.

Step 3: Programming and Website Completion

After you are satisfied with the interface demo, CanhCam's programmers will start developing the website based on the features and interface you've requested. The entire set of features is designed from scratch to ensure the website runs smoothly when completed

Step 4: Guiding Customers in Website Management

Once the web programming is completed, CanhCam's consulting team thoroughly checks the entire website system to rectify any errors. After all parts of the website are completed, they will meet with you to guide you on how to use and develop the website according to your needs

logistic website design
Professional logistics website design.


Step 5: Handover, Warranty, Maintenance, and Website Support

After providing guidance on website usage, CanhCam officially hands over the website to you for operation. During usage, they will maintain regular contact to address any issues that may arise

With a comprehensive and closed-loop working process, CanhCam ensures that your website is completed in each step, avoiding system errors and ensuring stable operation when it goes live

If you are interested in their logistics website design services, you can contact CanhCam through the following information:

CanhCam Website Design Company
Address: 156 Nguyen Van Thu, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Email: [email protected]
Hotline: 028 6273 0815

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it necessary to design a professional logistics website?
To develop the transportation service business, it's essential for companies to design a professional logistics website. CanhCam's website design service offers optimal design solutions, high security, and a well-planned content strategy to help businesses effectively build their brand.


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