Oil and Gas Website Design: The Design & Development Process

Nov 10, 2023
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Content of the post

Professional and eye-catching oil and gas website design will help your business become more competitive in today's online market. Today, we specialise in creating modern, user-friendly websites specifically tailored for Australian oil and gas companies.

Here's what apart in our article:

  • We understand the industry: We know the importance of showcasing your services, safety procedures, and commitment to sustainability.
  • Mobile-first approach: With more Australians browsing online on their phones, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial.
  • Local SEO boost: We'll help potential clients find you by targeting relevant keywords and building local online presence.

Let's learn how to develop the most comprehensive and impressive oil and gas website with CanhCam!

Professional oil and gas website design
Professional and reputable oil and gas website design.


What is a professional oil and gas website?

The professionalism of an oil and gas website can be determined by assessing various factors:

A professional oil and gas website is characterized by a user-friendly interface, captivating images, and cohesive color schemes that are designed to attract and engage visitors. Additionally, the design should be compatible with popular web browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

The website must remain operational and regularly updated with relevant articles and information pertaining to the industry.

It should feature a well-organized and succinct layout that effectively communicates information in accordance with industry standards and user preferences.

The loading time of the website should be optimized to ensure quick access, with a guaranteed loading time of less than 3 seconds.

Integrated features should provide convenience and offer a seamless browsing experience for users.

To improve conversion rates, the website should prioritize high interactivity to keep visitors engaged and encourage them to explore further, thereby increasing the likelihood of converting them into customers.

Continuous monitoring and rectification of website errors are essential to maintain its smooth operation and functionality.

Lastly, professional support tools should be in place to optimize time and operational costs associated with oil and gas website design.


The Designing process for an Oil and Gas Website

Step 1: Collect Information

To design a professional oil and gas website, you must first gather vital and relevant information. The information needs to address questions, including:

  • What is the goal of designing an oil and gas website?
  • What is the current online oil and gas market like?
  • Target customers that the business wants to reach

Step 2: Develop a Website Design Strategy

Systematize the information prepared in step 1 to design the website interface You also need to list the functions, tools, content, etc that you want to display on the website.

Step 3: Design an oil and gas website

The interface of your website will depend on the customers you want to target. Thus, you need to identify your target audience before performing this step.

The website color chosen must be consistent with the business logo and slogan.

You should ask the web design company to offer different options so you can compare and choose the appropriate design.

Step 4: Check and edit

After completing the website, you must test it to check if the website still has any errors or not. If you don't check, when the website goes live and has issues, you will waste time and money fixing them.

Step 5: Maintain the website

Most website design agency have appropriate maintenance policies for businesses when designing websites. Errors will be detected and rectified as soon as possible by a team of web design technicians.


Steps to Design an oil and gas website

Important steps to design a website
Important steps to design a website


Step 1: Determine the website’s goal

Determine the website Goals: Define the website's purpose, whether it's for introducing your company, showcasing services and products, etc.

Step 2: Make a list of necessary criteria for the website:

A website focused on the oil and gas industry should include several essential features. The “About Us” section establishes the company’s credibility, mission, and values. The "Our Services" section provides information about the range of services offered, while the "Call to Action" section facilitates customer engagement and conversion. A section dedicated to reviews and testimonials helps build trust and showcases the company's track record of success

Step 3: Choose a professional oil and gas website design company

A professional oil and gas website design company must have the following criteria: contact information, a clear address and a good team. The design process is methodical and straightforward, providing continuous customer.

Step 4: Choose a reputable hosting provider

You can use the hosting service of a reputable website design company or buy hosting from another company.

Step 5: Choose and register a domain name

Choose and register a domain name: Select a domain name that aligns with your brand, products, or services.

Step 6: Determine the content to post on the website

Content about product details, essential information, business insights, and informative articles.


Reasons you should design an oil and gas website

Oil and gas website design helps your business reach potential customers
Oil and gas website design helps your business reach potential customers


  • Create an online presence to boost your chances of connecting with potential customers
  • Help introduce products to customers in an intuitive, highly interactive way.
  • A website is an effective tool for carrying out PR and marketing campaigns, opening up many opportunities to sell professional goods without extensive expenses
  • The website also has features such as collecting customer information conducting surveys, and offering 24/7 customer support, thereby improving the quality of its services.
  • Increase competitiveness with other competitors in the online business market.


Things to consider when designing an oil and gas website

UX-UI design

  • The website's interface adheres to a uniform concept, with consistent fonts and layout.
  • The loading speed is less than 3 second
  • The website has links, for example, articles need to refer to products and services.
  • Use a simple, clean, and easy-to-use layout to help customers find information quickly and easily
  • In an oil and gas website, important and attractive information should be placed at the top of the page and less important content should gradually move down.
  • Create contrast to highlight important subjects. For instance, placing black lettering on a white background.
  • Separate and align content appropriately, and avoid using too many different fonts on the website
  • If the page is long, it needs to be divided into smaller pages.
  • Do not use fonts smaller than 12pt as it will make it difficult for readers.

 Link integration

  • When creating a link, you need to provide information to customers about where the link will take them
  • Use the same color to create uniformity for links.
  • Should not link to pages under construction.
  • Optimizing images on the web helps speed up web browsing. Images must be in .jpg or .gif format
  • Use thumbnails for large images.

User interaction

  • Create web pages that respond to user interaction with the website
  • Add items to gather user information and feedback.
  • Design a news page to provide updates on new information to announce fresh information.


CanhCam - Professional oil and gas website design service, effectively increasing sales

oil and gas website design & development

CanhCam is confident in providing professional oil and gas website design & development.

CanhCam is confident in providing professional and impressive oil and gas website, tailored to business needs. Here are advantages when you choose our service:

  • CanhCam’team of leading experts will enthusiastically assist you during the design process 
  • Build a professional web design process, optimizing customers' costs and time.
  • Optimal security system, ensuring customer data is absolutely safe
  • Many essential tools are integrated and are constantly updated.
  • Support customers in creating marketing content, building web strategies, supporting branding, communication, etc.
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